Website design

If you need a website but either lack the time and/or skills to do it yourself, then I may be able to help. As well as websites, I also do other freelance work.

For small to medium size projects, I can take on all aspects of the work. If you have a larger scale project, I can provide consultancy and project manage for you.

Some websites that I have created or worked on include:

  • – an existing site that was completely overhauled, made fit for mobile, and set up for easy ‘in house’ maintenance by the organisation
  • – bespoke ‘shop window’ website
  • – bespoke ‘shop window’ website
  • – Steve Buckle is an Australian philosopher who needed an independent online presence. We started with a long list of publications and talks sitting in a Microsoft Word document and built a site that allows the list to be filtered by various categories and searched by keyword.
  • – while working at Citizens Advice Scotland (2008 to 2015), I commissioned this site and worked closely with external developers to create and develop it – as well as the public facing site, logged on users see a wide range of additional organisational content.