Paragraft v06 release notes

Features Added

  • Backwards delete (delete to the right) – q and then delete – for a short while subsequent delete taps will also delete to the right – wait a short moment and normal delete (to the left) will kick in.
  • Deleting documents now moves them to the ‘Waste bin’. They can then be restored or completely destroyed. This is for anyone who has ever accidentally deleted a vital document, i.e. everyone.
  • Save all your Paragraft documents as a zip file. This can be used to backup your files or to transfer all your files from one device to another in a single operation. The zip file can be kept locally, can be emailed, or can be opened in another application, e.g. Dropbox.
  • Restore selected files from a zip file – files can be restored from locally stored zip files, i.e. stored within Paragraft. Or zip files can be opened from other applications, e.g. Mail or Dropbox. Once ‘imported’ into Paragraft the zip files can be accessed at any time and/or deleted.
  • Support for ‘endnote format’ links – links are in the form [friendly name][ref] or [friendly name] [ref] or [ref]. In the last case ref is also used as the friendly name. Definitions are [ref]: or [ref]: Paragraft also provides the option to convert existing in-line links to out of line links and vice versa.
  • Option to use out of line or in line linking when pasting a link into a Paragraft document.
  • ‘Keep with next’ for PDF output – headings attempt to hang on to the text that immediately follows them.
  • Improved display of document fragments in document listing.
  • Updated app icon.

Feature taken away

  • Shake to Undo functionality disabled when actively editing a paragraph, The + and – buttons are available in this context. (Changes introduced in iOS6.x created issues with original Undo implementation.)

Bug Fixes

  • Adjustments to Markdown processing to cope with some less common cases where italic or bold styling was mis-applied.
  • Fixed accuracy problems with word counts on longer documents.
  • Fixed issue where paragraph wouldn’t resize when pasting in links.
  • Fixed am issue where preview display was temporarily dicey after changing the line spacing multiple.
  • Fixed various issues that arose when using Paragraft with iOS7, including clipped paragraphs during editing.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.