Paragraft v04 Release Notes

  • In-line links can be inserted using square brackets for the ‘friendly name’ of a link followed by ordinary brackets for the web address. This format is automatically applied if a link is pasted into Paragraft, with the first part of the web address, less the http://, used for the ‘friendly link’. If a link is pasted when some text is already selected, the selected text is used for the friendly link text. Links can be tapped to open (or long pressed to choose open/email or copy) in Preview mode.
Example: [Paragraft](
Example: [mail the ether](


  • Document lists can now be filtered by using full text search as well as document title search
  • Full text search available within the document. (There is no search/replace, but if you copy your replacement text before you begin to search, you can do multiple replacements fairly efficiently.)
  • Improvements to Undo and Redo, including easy access while editing.
  • Double-tap ‘q’ when text is selected now applies the italic markup (*text*) or, if it is already applied, removes it. The same applies to double-tap ‘x’ for applying and removing bold markup ‘**’.
  • Option to include HTML in documents: HTML tags are interpreted in emails, allowing for image insertion and richer styling – entering the HTML can be hard going with an iPhone software keyboard, but it’s good to have the facility for occasional use; HTML tags are either shown raw or suppressed for printing / PDF / preview. An optional web preview can be switched on in settings.
  • Major overhaul of settings interface. Settings are now accessed via the spanner button rather than placed below the list of document lists. Overall fewer taps needed to modify settings and return to editing work. Far fewer taps to get back to editing.
  • ‘What will you write today?’ prompt on creating a new document now automatically disappears when you start to type. (User suggested improvement.) Similar functionality when creating email signatures.
  • Basic implementation of block quotes. Up to three levels by beginning a paragraph with between 1 and 3 > symbols. (More refinement needed, e.g. swipe to adjust level.)
  • List of document lists now renamed ‘Paragraft’. ‘Sorts’ button placed on the left replaces the less effectively placed and labelled ‘Edit’ button on the right.
  • Improvements to handling of bold, italic and the use of * as a symbol in text. Some less common use cases are now handled better.
  • Improvements to the appearance of the document title button.
  • Improvements to truncating of long document names in the document title button.
  • Progress bar shown when creating large PDF documents.
  • Improvements/changes to the display of spinner when rotating, switching between editing and previewing, and opening documents.
  • Option to display links in PDFs in three different styles, or not to be styled at all.
  • Option for horizontal lines to span the width of the page or be of a medium width and centred. Improved appearance for horizontal lines.
  • Fixed issue where flipping to Preview mode reset the shuffle button state to the un-shuffle position.
  • Fixed an issue where selection was unreliable on the last line of a paragraph after the paragraph had recently grown in height.
  • Improved way in which Paragraft handles line breaks within paragraphs, resolving an issue where line breaks within paragraphs could be lost in some cases.
  • Fixed a number of issues where unhelpful scrolling took place when editing paragraphs larger than the size of the screen.
  • Fixed issue where when quitting and restarting the app led to the ‘lasted changed’ rather than ‘last seen’ document to be loaded
  • Fixed issue where files with .markdown extension were not being imported into Paragraft. Added detection of files with .md and .mmd extensions as valid for importing.
  • Fixed an issue where initial scroll position on opening a document was unhelpful / unexpected.
  • Fixed an issue where entering < > or &nsbp; could cause crashes.

Monday August 15th 2011