Paragraft – now taller

Paragraft has been updated for iOS 6 and the iPhones / iPod touches with taller displays. There are also a few minor bug fixes – not least for some weirdness that arrived with the iOS 6 update – and one, very modest, new feature.

The new feature was suggested by a user who, like me, found the naming new documents to be a bit more troublesome than would be ideal.

Since the first line of the document is often a short heading and often a suitable title, Paragraft will now suggest this to you as a title, when you go across to the information page (by tapping on the (i) icon at the bottom right of the editor). Since introducing this on my development build, I’ve begun to wondered how I tolerated the many times I’d either rewritten the title I had just written in the document or, just as tedious, painstakingly copied it from the document and pasted it into the title field on the information page.

It’s great to get user feedback. There are several features in Paragraft that have come about directly because of a user suggestion. If you have a good idea, please don’t hesitate to pass it on.




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