Paragaft v05 Release Notes

Features Added

  • The draggable tags previously only available for adding and removing tags to documents are now used to set and tweak the filtering of documents. This allows for the document list to be filtered using multiple tags. Complete overhaul of user interface making tag filtering more accessible and extending the range of options.
    • Toggle to allow filter to require all selected tags in a document for a match or any of the selected tags.
    • Selected tags can be ‘flipped over’ by using a long press. Flipped over tags, which are shown in grey, exclude any document with that tag from the matching list. Use case: Create an ‘Archive’ tag and exclude archive items by including the flipped / grey version of the archive tag among the selected tags.
  • iPad users get a ‘split view’ of the document list – changes to tag filtering and sorting options are updated ‘live’ in right hand pane as changes are made in the left.
  • Added an option to print / export PDF with single, 1.5 and double line spacing.
  • Option to remove the status bar added for iPhone and iPod touch users – added support for ‘double tap’ to scroll to the top for the document list and the editor so that users with status bar hidden can still scroll to the top.
  • Multiple selection added to document lists to allow for faster deletion of mutliple files.
  • Multiple selection added to the editor to allow for faster deletion of multiple paragraphs.
  • Shuffle mode (for dragging paragraphs up and down and moving more rapidly around the document) now shows rich text / preview, i.e. bold, italic, links etc.
  • Document list now uses rich text – showing bold, italic, highlight links etc. – for the snippet of content.
  • Document list sorting options moved to main app settings on iPhone and iPod touch – this makes for quick and easier access.
  • Scroll to the foot of the document list by tapping at the bottom edge of the screen, i.e. tapping in grey toolbar.
  • Improved handling of importing documents with different text encodings – more encodings are now detected automatically and where this is not possible, a document preview allows the user to make the best selection.
  • Improved export options to give advanced users more control. For some users, this will offer scope to improve work flow by reducing steps required to open documents on a PC.
  • Tap and swipe on the the title / navigation bar of the document list – this changes the meta-data shown in the list, e.g. toggling between tags and dates or cycling through the date options.
  • Speeded up word and paragraph counts on large documents.
  • Improvements to speed of full text search from document list, epsecially when there are many documents and large documents.
  • Improved performance of switching from edit to preview and from portrait to landscape.
  • Added retina graphics for iPad.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues that could occur with iTunes syncing as a result of changes to iOS5.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search box background in the editor was the wrong colour in iOS5 and later.
  • Fixed an issue where empty tags could inadvertently be created.
  • Fixed an issue where indents at the second level and beyond were not aligning properly in iOS5 and later.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the font were not propagating to the editor in iOS5 and later.
  • Fixed an issue where the clickable region for a link in preview and in PDF documents was in the wrong location in the horizontal axis in iOS5 and later
  • Fixed an issue where display orientation was not properly adjusted on exit from the document information view.
  • Fixed an issue where text in slide up menus was sometimes fuzzy.