Obliquely Productive 3.0.0

My app for overcoming creative blocks and beating down on procrastination has been updated for newer phones, including the 6 and 6+, running the most recent versions of iOS. The last update was a few years ago and given all the radical changes to the iPhone operating system I should probably be pleased that it’s functioned well all this time.

So, while the gremlins introduced by the latest version of iOS were a pain – and have disrupted some loyal users – the good thing is they forced my hand to do an update.

The well-regarded Obliquely Productive content remains the same, but there are new card backgrounds to choose from, better sharing options for Twitter as well as Facebook, and the process of adding your own custom Oblique Nuggets has been streamlined.

If you ever get creatively stuck, then Obliquely Productive might just help you out of a jam.