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Apps on the App Store

I’m hoping to restore the Obliquely Productive to the app store during 2021. At the moment it’s not for sale because I’ve not kept up with all the updates that Apple have made to iPhone / iPad operating system. If you miss the app – or are a bit frustrated that your existing copy has gone a bit chunky – send me a message of encouragement. If I know people are keen to have the app restored, it’s added motivation to get it sorted and back on the store.

The Paragraft app is not for sale and I think it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to find the time to recreate a more modern version of this app. When it first existed it was hard to do rich text on the iPhone or iPad. But now even the stock Apple apps do some of what Paragraft made easy. I miss using the app as, for me, it had some really neat features. So, maybe, one day. But not any time soon.

Is It Working Yet? hasn’t been on sale for a while. And, again, I think this is one that may be retired permanently.

Paragraft – back in the app store

Some Paragraft users contacted me about issues with the app on recent versions of iOS and on recent devices, such as the bigger iPads. They also told me that there had been warnings about the app needing to be updated to run in the future. While my time budget for active development of Paragraft is limited, I didn’t want loyal users to be let down. So I’ve done a round of updates to the app to fix current issues.

The updates mean that the current incarnation Paragraft has a good bit of life in it yet. It plays nice with different screen sizes – although it’s not great at doing split-screen on the iPad. Most importantly, some nasty bugs that had arrived due to changes in iOS have been squashed.

There is, in the “lab”, a version of Paragraft with outlining and iCloud sync. It’s not ready to roll just yet, but, maybe, when I have some time… I know I’d like to be using this app on a regular basis, so there’s some incentive to get it done. If you’d be interested, get in touch and when there’s a beta available for testing I can ping you the relevant link.

Paragraft – retired

My iPhone app – Paragraft – is no longer for sale on the app store. I hadn’t done an update on the app for a while and it no longer complied with all the Apple guidelines. Existing users will be able to continue to use the app, although it is possible that issues may arise with new versions of iOS.

Paragraft is a pretty complex application and doing updates had become quite a lot of work. Since it was first written, a lot has changed with iOS and Apple has come up with a whole new programming language. If Paragraft ever comes out of retirement, it will be rewritten app, making use of Apple’s Swift programming language and many of the improved features that iOS provides, for example iCloud Drive.

If you are a regular user of Paragraft and would really like to see a new version, do let me know.




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