Apps on the App Store

I’m hoping to restore the Obliquely Productive to the app store during 2021. At the moment it’s not for sale because I’ve not kept up with all the updates that Apple have made to iPhone / iPad operating system. If you miss the app – or are a bit frustrated that your existing copy has gone a bit chunky – send me a message of encouragement. If I know people are keen to have the app restored, it’s added motivation to get it sorted and back on the store.

The Paragraft app is not for sale and I think it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to find the time to recreate a more modern version of this app. When it first existed it was hard to do rich text on the iPhone or iPad. But now even the stock Apple apps do some of what Paragraft made easy. I miss using the app as, for me, it had some really neat features. So, maybe, one day. But not any time soon.

Is It Working Yet? hasn’t been on sale for a while. And, again, I think this is one that may be retired permanently.